Kawaii Culture

Love JPOP!


I haven’t written anything about Japanese pop culture yet because it can be a scary, scary place. The pink, fluffy rabbit hole of cuteness goes very deep, and many people who go down, never come back. I do look over the edge however, and I admit that I have a Hello Kitty phone cover and I enjoy wearing bows in my hair.


In Tokyo we visited two of the most important spots for experiencing kawaii culture; Harajuku and Akihabara.  Walking down Takeshita Dori, the main fashion street in Harajuku, is a bit of an ordeal as it is very narrow, filled with people, both young Japanese girls and tourists, and the shop wares spill out on to the street, while the shop assistants shout welcomes at the passersby.  It’s best just to stick to the current and take in the atmosphere as you shuffle along, as most of the shops…

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