Cam-Whoring Time!

I finally got a new camera! It’s a Canon Powershot HD camera and it’s HOT PINK! i am overly obsessed with pink if you didn’t know. Carlos my boyfriend bought me it for my birthday and I’m super happy. Now I can cam-whore all the time! LOL I just love taking pictures of random things and look like an asian tourist! 

Well here is a couple pictures of me cam-whoring! ^___^ ( ::>___<::) 

Wearing Freshlook contacts in green.

Shirt is Fifi Lapin by Juicy Couture 

Silk leopard scarf by Juicy Couture

Spring diamond link bracelet by Juicy Couture

Love Test 11- rouge cream lipstick by Sephora collection

DiorShow mascara

L’oreal liquid eyeliner



Dirty mirror meh



Le Hot Pink Camera

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