Momma says Imma whip cho a$$!

Remember growing up and being afraid of upsetting your mom or dad to avoid a beating. You would just try to ninja your way into doing things you know damn well will get your ass whooped haha.

I remember growing up my mother was an old school haitian. She would make you “fe ajenew” (get on your knees prayer style) or whipped me with the metal parts of the belts. I remember one day my friend junior and me decided to go down the street to Rauls house to play with our power rangers action figures. Living in Miami at the time wouldn’t be safe for me to just disappear without telling my moms.

Well of course I thought I was the shit back then and just did whatever I wanted. So, we went to Rauls house and we were  probably there I would say for 2 hours. Then all the sudden some kids start running towards us yelling “hey I think your mothers are looking for you.” I yelled “SHIT! Let’s go junior!” MAANNNNN! I never ran so fast in my LIFE! I swear you could see me breathing extra hard stumbling and shit. Just looking crazy. We ran behind houses dodging people, dogs, and even a spider MONKEY  << LOL.

I finally got home and my mother wasn’t there yet. SO, I changed my clothes to PJ’s and grabbed my doll and pretended I’ve been there the whole time. My mother walks in and said where were you. I told her “I was here the whole time.” My mother walked away and said ok. She went to her room and 5 minutes later, she ran after me on some exorcist shit. I never ran so fast around my dining room table. I made her work for that beating HAHA. She finally caught me and it was the worst beating ever. I think she beat me everyday after I came home from school or ate cereal the wrong way. Ah! the memories of childhood discipline.

Here is a funny video about beating your kids by MisterEpicMann on YouTube. Subscribe to his channel! He is soooo funny!

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