Boston Marathon Attack

I cannot believe this just happened to my city! I am so hurt and shocked. I am so blessed I did not go into boston today to my doctor’s office only after to go watch the race. I praise god  that I told myself I would just sleep today. I’ve watched many bombing videos from syria to many other countries but it becomes more real when it’s right in your own home. My heart hurts to those lost in this bombing attack and I hope the Boston police catches this asshole and he goes straight to hell!

According to the news, an 8 year old has passed away and another has passed. There are 23 people injured which are mostly those standing watching the race itself. I’ve seen a photo of a man with his legs blown away…he had no meat covering the bare femur bone and lost everything. It was sad to look because you can see the state of shock in his face and pure sadness. The terrorists had hid hand-made bombs into trash cans. two bombs went off and the third found was exploded  by the BPD bomb squad. Also, during all this, JFK library by where I use to go to school Umass Boston was under fire. I have no idea what is going on and if this was either a message or just one person who hated humanity. I can’t even type anymore.

Here are some photos of the attack:

Provided by The Boston Globe









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